Ask, Seek, Knock & How to Receive Gods Promises

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Many Christians struggle to appropriate the blessings that God has already provided because they lack the type of faith that all the great men of faith (especially Abraham, Jacob) displayed when they received Gods promises. Jesus said in Matthew 7:7-12 to ask and it shall be given, seek and you’ll find; knock and the door shall be open unto you.  Asking comes from the Greek word aiteo which means demand or petition. Asking is also an action by which a person speaks or communicates his or hers demand. Seek in the Greek means zeteo, which means to look for in order to find. You can see there is a certain expectancy here. Also note that seeking is a visual action by which an individual searches for some thing. Lastly, knocking, which is a form of action by which an individual physically strikes an object. In Luke 11:6-9 Jesus gave an example of a man knocking on his friends house at midnight for a piece of bread. The friend initially did not want to give him anything but because of his importunate or persistence solicitation he rose up and gave him the bread. The part about this verse that I want to illustrate is that the friend did not rise up and give him something because he was a friend, but because of his persistence.

We see sort of a similar idea play out in the life of Jacob, brother of Esau son of Isaac. In Genesis 26:3-4 God tells Isaac to stay in land of Gerar and that God would honor the promise (multiply seed Isaacs seed, give him land, bless nations through his seed) He gave to Abraham Isaacs father. And in Genesis 27:27-29 and 28:3-4 we see that Isaac blesses Jacob. Then in Genesis 28:12-16 God appears to Jacob in a dream and promises to 1) greatly multiply Jacobs seed throughout the land 2) protect Jacob wherever he goes and bring him back to the land. After Jacob goes into captivity for a while, he then is ready to return back to his land although he is afraid of his brother Esau so he prays to God in Gen 32:9 and essentially reiterates to God the promises (to protect him and  multiply his seed) God made to him. Lets pause for a bit — what Jacob is doing by asking God to deliver him is a verbal demand or petition he is making to God by reiterating Gods promise to him. At the same time, Jacob must have recalled (because thats where he received the promise) the dream or the vision he had where God told him he would bless him and his seed. Now here is the interesting part, the bible mentions in Gen 32:24 that Jacob was left alone. This is important because many of us have plan A, B, C, D and Z if God doesn’t come through. Jacob being left alone represented his nakedness, his lack of options, we should have the same dependance on God. Moving along, the bible tells us that Jacob wrestles with God until the break of day. How many of us can have faith for such a long time span? We God saw that Jacob would NOT let God (remember the parable of the friend at midnight) go until He blessed him. Think about that, Jacob would have died had he seen God so he would rather die then let God go without blessing him. We know that afterwards Jacob received his blessing and received the name Israel which means ‘striving with God’.

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