How Jill overcam cancer … two different times!

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Healing Testimony
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Here is her testimony. Do likewise. Jesus loves you:

I was diagnosed with third stage ,inoperable, lung cancer with involvement of the lymph nodes in 2008.When i awoke from surgery of performing the biopsy and in my case had to cut an opening in my throat to get a sample of lymph nodes also…the Drs very blunt words were “Well this is worse then i thought” You have inoperable lung cancer …one inch away from the trachea…can not remove the lung …no room from the trachea..You have as little as three months to two years to live..depending on how fast it spreads……and he left me and my husband alone in a place of “What did he just say?”

I think not by chance i had been involved with a healing passion for 15 years…never a training by man..only a guidance from the Holy Spirit… I had taught my children and everyone i knew..God is a God that heals..There is an amount of promised years on this earth if we love Him and know His Word and i had not lived those years yet.I was 52. I may not be able to tell you all the scriptures on prophesy but I could tell you the ones on healing.Maybe not where they were exactly but I knew they were there and what they said……

My worst moments were the thought of telling my mom and children….and then…I wanted to live to have my grandchildren know me..and the most important..I haven’t done my work for YOU Lord yet!! I can’t do that in the grave……So I set out on my mission.God healed me already..Now’s time to learn how to recieve it……I got home and my whole family wrote healing scripture on posted notes and stuck them every where. Cup of coffee….: By His stripes you are healed” brushing teeth: “I have given you the keys to the Kingdom” Opening refridgerator””forget not all His benefits.Who forgives all your sins and HEALS all your diseases” on the computer” You hold the power of life and death in the tongue” get the picture..:} I also said” Lord I need this miracle” But I want my lung also…I want the WHOLE miracle.” According to Drs..the only way i would have a chance would be removing the lung with the cancer in it.

Day after day…claiming His promise…showing Him His Word and telling Him He says He is a God who can not lie.My children know that.You MUST heal ..other wise it is a lie..Oh yes..God wants us to show Him we KNOW what His Word says.For with out faith is impossible to please Him..To make this as short as possible..i did take chemo and radiation..trying to shrink it so maybe they could remove the lung.I prayed about treatment.He never said NO..treatment was aggressive…but so was the diagnosis…I read scripture..i had a healing scripture recorder that i placed under my pillow every night.Filling my mind and body with the healing Word even as i slept…And when satan attacked..I attacked back with the weapons God provided….

“I shall live and not die and i will proclaim what the Lord has done for me” My desire was to live to be a testimony to Gods Promise….Four months later i was bald, weak, scared..yes…scared doesn’t dissapear easily….But i again told God…I had to be healed.He said so….. My scans came back …I was still not operable for the disease was too close to the trachea still….the only difference was..the disease was in remission…only scar tissue according to the PET scan…no spread anywhere which for Lung cancer in third stage is amazing.I had more then one Dr tell me i was a lucky lady that it had not spread .I would respond..I am a Blessed the hand of Jesus…

They called me the miracle lady at the cancer center for three and a half years ..then five months returned…NOT POSSIBLE I said…I am healed…Drs said you lasted longer then 95 percent of the people with this…i wasn’t finished with Gods Work yet and niether was He.I don’t know why it returned..maybe because i was even at worse risk for remission the second time around…The first time was luck so they Dr also said..if I didn’t look as healthy as i did..she wouldn’t bother with any more treatments..That is how bad things were in the medical world with my illness… I can also add the FIRST thing I ever did also was go to the Elders of the Church and had them pray over me and annoint me with oil.It is scriptual and says the sick person will be healed.My church thank goodness believed in healing….

This time around i could have 15 radiation treatments..just to help me breathe better.I was having a very hard time breathing…And this time I said..”Jesus….I don’t have the energy to put into healing this time around.It was over whelming the first time….so i simply said..Your Word is still truth….I am not spending 20 hours in scripture..and 5 hours reading healing books..i had it all in my heart already..i just laid it at His feet and said….YOU promised i am healed….That’s that…… Three days ago i had the pleasure of being told…no cancer anywhere in my body and the lung mass once again in remission…..What a Mighty God we serve…Have His Word in your heart..Know it Believe favorite scripture..I say it still alot Mark 11:22-26. Look it up and read it..And to be honest the best healing Book I have read and is what I used mostly..because it is Scriptual.. is “Recieve a Miracle Healing ” by T.L. Osborn. He has passed on..and the book is older…but I’m here and his Book kept me lifted in the truth…. God Bless you all… my family and I are praising all the days he has given me and i plan on using them for His Kingdom in any way he chooses for me.. prayerfully, jill P.S. I still have both lungs..I recieved the whole miracle….. [?] You can also…. Faith….

  1. thomas fischer says:

    Sounds like the second round produced in her more fight and less of the world’s treatment.

  2. Julian says:

    this is a good story but how can we attribute healing to God when he is being treated with chemo… sorry to say this but can you see my point of view.. i would like to know it was just God doing this and not with the help of medicine… i dont want more medicine or doctors i want healing from God and only God… any comments?

  3. daniel says:

    Amazing. all glory to god 🙂 god bless

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