Seeing the results Jesus had = having the relationship with Father Jesus had

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Many of us who go out to lay hands on the sick do it in accordance with the scripture Mark 16:17-18. But many of us fail to see the results that Jesus did and this often frustrates us. But one thing I have found is that the word of God does not work for a believer unless the Holy Spirit is involved. There are many theologians who know the word of God better than some Christians yet why don’t they seem to operate in the supernatural power of God that the scripture declares? Do they lack faith?

No one in history had the type of relationship with God the Father that Jesus had with Him (Matt 11:27). But simply knowing your identity in Christ doesn’t guarantee results. Most would admit that one should have faith. The bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word of God. But how can you have faith in the word of God, if you don’t have a relationship with God? But what do I mean by relationship? Recall the relationship Adam had with God. In the beginning God determined what was good for Adam and what wasn’t. So Adam had a “dependent” relationship on God. We see the same thing in the life of Jesus (John 14:10, John 5:19, John 5:30-31) where Jesus basically says He doesn’t nothing without hearing or seeing His Father do it. Yes the same Jesus who was sent into the world, who was given a mandate by God (Isaiah 61:1) to set captives free and given the power to do so, still felt it necessary to rely on God.

Jesus said in Matthew 19:26 “But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”. With God all things are possible. The opposite is also true, without God all things are impossible. Many of us do not rely on God, we don’t see God, we don’t see what the Father is saying about a “particular person” we simply say “well it says it here in the scriptures so all I have to do is mix it with a little faith and I should see a miracle”. Many of us have come to find out that this is not true neither did we see this is the life of Jesus. He did not quote Isaiah 61:1 everything time He went out to heal the sick or set the captives free like we quote Mark 16:17-18 or Matthew 10:8  He relied on His dependent relationship with God (John 5:19). In order for us to see the types of results Jesus did we must have the same type of dependent relationship with Christ as He had with God (John 15:5). After all, Jesus did not heal everyone the same way, namely by giving commandment to them to be healed, sometimes they obeyed a commandment and got healed, sometimes their faith healed them, and some times He commanded them to be healed. But He relied on the Holy Spirit to direct the way He ministered and didn’t apply a “cookie-cutter” method like many of us do. Can someone say “religious?”. At any rate, Jesus wants us to rely Him for how a person should be healed or prophesied to because just like people don’t get sick the same way, they don’t get healed the same way either. Rely on the Holy Spirit’s leading and you’ll see incredible results.


  1. thomas fischer says:

    Yes, this is a Spirit-led life. We don’t use formula’s and we are not mechanical. There is a mechanical method to healing, but that mechanical method must be combined with faith as we are Spirit-led. There are many Christians who follow the word, but they neglect the leading of the Spirit. Jesus said, the true worshippers would worship in spirit and truth. Those who put the emphasis only on what the word is saying are the ones who worship in truth only and neglect the leading of the Spirit.

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