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The bible does not deny that we will not have problems, tribulations, or attacks (John 16:13) but what it does promise is that WE (true believers) will overcome (2 Corinthians 2:14) by faith in Christ and His word.

In Matthew chapter 3:16-17; 4:1-11 it tells us how Jesus was baptized and then tempted in the wilderness. In the chapter 3:16-17 God  it tells us how Jesus was baptized then the Holy Spirit descended upon Him and He was told by God that He was His son and God was well pleased in him. I believe that this signifies what happens to us when we become born again. We become sons through faith in the death and resurrection (baptism) of Christ and we receive the Holy Spirit and God is well please with us.

The first temptation the devil tempts Jesus with is His identity. The devil asked Jesus to prove whether he was the son of God by turning stone into bread. So the devil used Jesus situation (hunger) to question his identity, that is, what God told him, namely he is God beloved son whom God is well please.This is how the devil operates. He tempts us according to our situation (financial, emotional, spiritual etc) and uses our situation to get us to doubt the word of God. It is our responsibility to prove what we believe by standing on the word of God. Remember Jesus simply responded every time, ‘IT IS WRITTEN’.