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“When you believe HIS Word you possess the thing that HIS Word has guaranteed. When you believe His Word, you pray and you know it is HIS will. When you pray in that name (Jesus) Jesus takes over it; then it is His care, Your word, then in, Jesus name makes things come into being. I mean, come to pass. Its no longer you burden as long as you don’t repudiate it by wrong confession. My heart know that the case is settled. No matter the sign, no matter the situation I m experiencing, my heart knows that the case is settled. You ask for healing, so get out of bed and walk. You ask for money, so make provision to pay the bills. You ask for rain, so put on you raincoat. You read when the rain comes. Prayer should be followed by an attitude of absolute trust in Christ that He is working out the answer. Your prayer is based upon His Word. My prayer is based upon His Word. Scriptural prayer releases the power of God. Fill your prayers with the Scriptures. Because Scriptural prayer releases the power of God. Prayer and reading your bible should always God hand and hand. One is not complete without the other. The heart must be rooted and grounded in the Word so that what God says is final with you. When we pray according to His will, we are assured that He heard us and if He hears us, that is as good as an answer”